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FlyThrough Video are a team of creative professionals dedicated to promoting organisations using aerial & terrestrial imaging. Having recognised the need for a less invasive and cheaper alternative to helicopters, we have spent the last 5 years developing drones that can FlyThrough most environments.

Our drone solutions have proved to be far more versatile than current aerial offerings while also allowing us to use our creative expertise. Whether you run a golf course, country estate or are planning a new shopping centre build or archaeological dig, we can help give you something very special.

The Whole Mix - We can produce both aerial, terrestrial & action shots, still photography and short films including voice over, music & graphics.

Collaborations - We are experienced in working with production companies across Europe, providing multiple shots distilled into single day shoots if necessary. Or we can work remotely on location in a tech support vehicle.

If you would like to talk to Angus Peel call +44(0)7887 654554.

FlyThrough have been working with ActionVan on developing paddleboarding imagery for our new paddleboarding school. Regardless of budget, they will do what they can to give you the result you were dreaming of

- Drew Wood, ActionVan.

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